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Why opt for used wheeled excavators?

When it comes to excavators, both the wheeled and tracked variety offer various benefits. Particularly for smaller jobs on multiple sites, a wheeled excavator could be the perfect solution. In comparison with excavators that run on tracks (often known as crawler excavators), wheeled excavators are suitable for road use. Because there's no need to load a wheeled excavator onto a transporter in order to convey it to another site, it's possible for operators to travel locally much faster.

Used wheeled excavators for sale in Texas

One of the other advantages of wheeled excavators is that they are more flexible: particularly on dry, level sites, they are able to manoeuvre rapidly into position, performing the fine movement necessary to complete work accurately and speedily. If you have decided that a wheel excavator is going to be best for your requirements, we are able to offer you a large selection to choose from: our range includes most makes and models, enabling you to find one that's going to offer the high performance you need, alongside excellent fuel efficiency and safety.

Have you considered one of our Caterpillar wheel excavators for sale?

In addition to John Deere, Gradall and Hitachi, we also stock used Cat wheeled excavators. A well-known manufacturer with an excellent reputation for quality and value, Caterpillar create wheeled excavators to a number of different specifications. Because we sell used excavators with wheels, it's possible to invest in a piece of plant that delivers the work you want to see for far less than the cost of a new model. Caterpillar machines benefit from excellent longevity, ensuring that when you buy a second-hand machine, you will usually end up with years of useful service from it.

Providing wheeled excavators across Texas

We provide a one-stop solution when it comes to choosing a used wheeled excavator for sale: whether you want a larger machine to complete big projects successfully, or need a more modest excavator for residential projects, small-scale landscaping or construction, we've usually got something suitable on offer. If you're not sure what's going to be most suitable, we can usually offer product recommendations that will get the job done. No matter what your budget may be, we've probably got a wheeled excavator that's within your price range.



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