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Construction equipment dismantled now

Whether you've got redundant construction equipment that needs removing to a different site, or broken equipment that can't be repaired on location, ensuring its safe, fast dismantling is always a priority. Dismantling isn't simply a case of removing the relevant components, it's also important that the job is completed safely and in such a way that permanent damage isn't caused to the equipment. Because dismantling heavy machinery is a specialist job, we recommend using an experienced company that has the skills and tools to safely move your expensive plant.

Custom construction equipment dismantling

Although some dismantling jobs are straight-forward, in many cases an individualised approach is necessary. We are able to offer tailored answers to complex dismantling and heavy equipment transportation, providing a full site assessment and risk-assessed plan, prior to carrying out the work. Particularly for large-scale equipment, this ensures that movement complies with all necessary health & safety regulations.

Construction equipment dismantled - realise your profit

In some cases, dismantling construction equipment and then selling on the parts can yield a tidy income. Not only do sellers benefit from some extra cash, buyers end up with high-grade parts for far less than the cost of a new spare. Dismantling and selling on construction equipment can mean that inoperable machines can still generate some income through their dismantling, providing some money to offset the loss of the asset. If you've got a piece of heavy-duty machinery that's taking up space without delivering revenue, stripping it down and selling it on could be a great way to realise some additional funds.

Dismantling heavy machinery: DIY or employ a professional?

Although in principle dismantling heavy machinery and heavy equipment transportation isn't too difficult a task, it can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you lack expertise or don't have the right tools to hand to get the job done quickly. In such circumstances, a professional team can often get the job done far faster and give you better results. Whilst the cost implications of using professional input have to be offset against the profit you obtain from selling the parts, it can often be money well spent. Why allow redundant machinery to carry on wasting valuable space in your yard or on site? Fast, efficiently dismantling could turn a rusting piece of junk into a tidy sum!

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Whether you need to move between construction jobs, or you are having problems with a faulty machine and need it moving to the workshop, our heavy equipment dismantling service has you covered.

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MY-Equipment has a team of skilled engineers on hand to help with equipment inspections and certifications. We can visit your site or yard in order to assess your machines, and we also have a full service facility at our Houston location.

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For a fast, reliable and safe way to move construction equipment around the world, get in touch with the team at MY-Equipment now. We offer international shipping and forwarding for construction machinery.

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