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2012 CAT D5K2 LGP

$ 62,500

2012 Cat D5K2 LGP

  • Hours: 11,713
  • Serial: KYY00322
  • Model: D5K2 LGP
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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1980 CAT D6D

$ 38,500

1980 Cat D6D

  • Hours: 640
  • Serial: 04X05618
  • Model: D6D
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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2007 Komatsu D155AX6

$ 64,000

2007 Komatsu D155AX6

  • Hours: 26,780
  • Serial: 80223
  • Model: D155AX6
  • Location: Lansing Michigan
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1989 CAT D9N


1989 Cat D9N

  • Hours: 15,168
  • Serial: IJD001069
  • Model: D9N
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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2014 CAT D6TXL


2014 Cat D6TXL

  • Hours: 8,923
  • Serial: GMK01506
  • Model: D6TXL
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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2011 CAT D6T XL


2011 Cat D6T XL

  • Hours: 6,344
  • Serial: GMK00367
  • Model: D6T XL
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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2020 CAT D6K2 XL


2020 Cat D6K2 XL

  • Hours: 4,021
  • Serial: CAT00D6KKMGM03196
  • Model: D6K2 XL
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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2012 CAT D8T


2012 Cat D8T

  • Hours: 26,542
  • Serial: MLN01556
  • Model: D8T
  • Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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2006 CAT D7R


2006 Cat D7R

  • Hours: 7,918
  • Serial: ABJ00642
  • Model: D7R
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
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1986 CAT D7H


1986 Cat D7H

  • Hours: 14,454
  • Serial: 79Z01313
  • Model: D7H
  • Location: Iowa, USA
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1993 CAT D6H-LGP


1993 Cat D6H-LGP

  • Hours: 18,880
  • Serial: 3YG05765
  • Model: D6H-LGP
  • Location: Iowa, USA
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What are you looking for?

Equipment On Demand

Searching for high-quality crawler dozers for sale in Texas? Want a great deal that won't break the bank? Buying used construction equipment from a trusted supplier like MY-Equipment is a cost-effective investment. We have a wide selection of used dozers for sale in Texas, with shipping and transportation offered throughout the USA and worldwide. Save yourself the time and cost of sourcing construction equipment: come direct to us for the best deals. Find JCB, or caterpillar bulldozers for sale at MY-Equipment.

What are crawler dozers and why do you need one?

Unlike wheeled dozers, crawler dozers are fitted with tracks which allow them to take on uneven, muddy terrain effortlessly. Unlike demolition dozers, which are designed to tear through structures, crawler dozers specialize in material management. The large front blade moves materials quickly from one spot to the next, and the blade edge can also be used to flatten out sand and soil or to spread wet cement.

Caterpillar crawler dozers for sale

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best equipment from the biggest brands. This includes stocking dozers from leading manufacturers like Caterpillar, JCB and Komatsu. Every machine that comes through our full-service facility is given a thorough inspection and issued with a valid safety and performance certificate, along with a full report on history and wear. Contact us if you are looking for a cat dozer for sale. You know you are getting a quality machine that is safe and reliable when you buy from us.

Finance available

If you are looking to invest in crawler dozers for your business, you can spread the cost over the coming months and years with a finance package. Our partners at Currency offer competitive business packages, subject to status, making our used dozers even more affordable. Contact us today to find out more about used bulldozers for sale.

Choosing your crawler dozer

Below you will find our current stock list for dozers. This is subject to change, so check back often and you'll never miss a deal. We can also source products on request, so let us know if you are searching for a certain make or model. If you are unsure which dozer best meets your need, speak to a member of our sales team. We are here to help you get the very best deal. Call today on 1-281-934-4000.




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